Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Hump Day Blues!

It is finally Hump Day! May we celebrate with a glass of wine or if we are really classy, a cask of fruitilexia! So far in the office remains myself, the two sales dillybobs M and L and my gal pal E, who pretty much does most the work, whilst I assist her with day to day tasks etc. 
Although the week so far has become extremely draining and hopeless, alas hump day has arrived and put the ol spark  back in my step. Tomorrow Thursday will be great because one more day till Friday and then FREEDDOOM AGAIN!
Last years new years i promised myself I would try learn something new every week, this little promise only regained consciousness in my mind literally just then haha, so I have decided to make an annoucment each week of what I have learnt.
SO far this week I have been watching the amazing tutorials and make up advise from Carli Bybel, whose cute fashion tips always make for an interesting demo. Those of you who haven’t watched her youtube clips and are in to make up, hair, fashion etc. Give it a little go, every now and again something brilliant pops up in her conversations - contouring the face youtube video was extremely interesting and gave a very valuable insight. 
I have also been obsessing over Jennifer Stano’s blog on blogspot - her beauty honesty is must I say very beautiful.

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