Monday, 5 November 2012

Yellow for Oxfam.

Hi Folks 
Just wanted to jump on here and share some of the amazing people contributing to the greater good in this world.
So last weekend, I attended a charity fundraiser, for my girlfriends father Tom and his contribution -  Toms Next Step.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Tom's Next Step; 
Tom Dennis is a committed, strong and determined man who has/is travelling all over the GLOBE, running strenuous distances to raise money for OXFAM.
Last weekend at the fundraising night,  us girls raised a substantial amount of money to put towards this terrific cause.
To read more about Tom's Next Step please Enquire Here

Myself along with a couple of girlfriends dressed up and paid generously to the cause! 

Hannah Dennis (Tom's Lovely daughter and my dear friend) had set up a fun filled enviroment with awesome games like pass the passel, pop the balloon, find the prize, and a silent auction. All of these activities proved fun various ways we could raise money for Oxfam and Toms Run!

Of course I chose to wear yellow - as yellow is definitely the colour of the spring season at the moment, not to mention my absolute love for wearing bright colours.
(For those of you don't know what a Peplem is, as I only recently learnt the term from Miss Davis who has her own line of amazing dresses. PEPLEM: Frilly part that circles around the dresses you see, Sammi and Myself Wearing!)  - As you can probably tell, I am no fashionista :P

Over all.. this was an amazing night filled with fabulous fun, drinking, money funding and bright dresses. 
To enquire further about this amazing organisation and Tom's Journey please click the link below, and if you are in a position to give at the moment, I urge you to contribute kindly as even the smallest amounts makes the biggest differences to this great cause. 

Click Enquire with Elle to find out more about Toms Next Step. 


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