Saturday, 12 January 2013

Retro is the thing you know.

Well its the end of another week, just a quick post to show off Angelique's 25th Retro Themed Party held in the Retro Bar Sussex Street Sydney CBD. 
Before Friday night I had never stepped into the infamous Retro but  I have definitely heard some hilarious stories about the place. E.g. midgets dancing on poles dressed in fluorescent colours. - 
But aside from that I really had no idea what to expect :/
Prior to arriving for the party I thought I had definitely dressed in retro flair. (In my head I totally associated retro with fluro, but really had no idea of what the true meaning of retro style was haha!)

I ended up choosing to go with my idea of a classic retro look. But you decide for yourself.

Last Season Sport Girl Orange Crop Top.
Ice's Flare Floral Lace Skirt.
Kmart Peep Toe Mary Janes Grey with Black Tailoring.
Earrings: DIVA.
Necklace: Ice.

(Myself and my Beautiful Flat Mate Laura)

(I tried to braid one side of my hair to bring about some kind of Salt N Pepa Style haha).

For those of you interested in throwing a party at Retro, a few things you should know prior.
Even though Retro is certainly not the cleanest of venues, the functions rooms are fully equipped with smoke machines, crazy disco lights, your own personal DJ and a $100 bar tab ( providing you rent a function room for the night). Function Room level 2 is quite affordable at $350 and with the added bonus of a DJ and small bar tab, it really does pay off. ENQUIRE HERE

Have a Gorgeous Weekend with your Families.
See you next week :)


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