Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Water Fluoridation? A Must Read!!!

Hi Y'all,  So today I am feeling a little more extra special - probably from all Sangria I had last night at Ange's Birthday Celebration last night haha. But apart from this mornings headaches and a bit of late night gossip with my girlfriends, I actually stumbled across a profound conversation with some of the older guests about Fluoride in the Australian water system.
I know what your all thinking - BORING right. Well actually not boring, especially for my girlfriends out there who dub themselves "MAJOR" health freaks. 

If you didn't already know, Australia is one of many countries that have water fluoridation programs currently operating. I, myself as a child was always told to drink the tap water as mums doctor was always telling her it was extremely beneficial for a developing child's teeth ( FALSE) . 
Nobody back then ever questioned the introduction of fluoride concentrated forms in drinking water, until much more recently when journalists, modern science and intellectuals starting questioning just the basic unnatural effects. 

I have been shocked by some of my own research, particularly by this statement which immediately pulled me into a state of sadness.
"Fluoride is a hazardous waste by-product of the nuclear and aluminium industries. In addition to being the primary ingredient in rat and cockroach poisons, it is also a main ingredient in anaesthetic, hypnotic, and psychiatric drugs as well as military NERVE GAS! It is also a key ingredient in supermarket  toothpastes and  the Australian water system currently operating in suburban homes :S. Fluoride throughout history and used by the Nazis to sterilise inmates and make them docile, a key dumbing down ingredient of Prozac and Sarin nerve gas." - Paul Connett

Professor Paul Connett has an amazing documentary -  just watch the first two minutes. WATCH HERE. "The most important thing to recognise about fluoride is that its extremely toxic, and it is VERY active biologically".

American well known Dental Surgeon, Dr Osmunson speaks on water fluoridation, talks about dental facts and results." "NO BENEFIT OF FLUORIDE" It is a very short video, but ultimately gives you a profound/ clear understanding of whats in our tap water. Dr Osmunson Research on Fluoride for infants/ adults HERE.

As you all probably know, I am a major fan of the BBC, I love watching documentaries and at times have been a known to theorise on many conspiracies haha, but aside for my love of conspiracy this to my fascination is something in which has been majorly discussed and researched about for years. 
Researchers, scholars and journalists are shocked and appalled at key players in history who have promoted a small percentage of fluoride in water as a health/dental benefit  when rather it is one of the most detrimental agents, used by military officials, power plants and in home chemical cleaning solutions. 

Anyone interested in enquiring a little further, another GREAT documentary ( a little boring at first but you can all get passed it haha) The Fluoride Deception, by Christopher Bryson. Award Winning Journalist. WATCH HERE.

Anti-Fluoride Statement by Dr William Hirzy, is a must see, even if you watch just the first 
two minutes of his statement, you really get a general idea of the amount of intellectuals who understand 
the detrimental effects of this.
WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN STOPPED? Especially with active evidence now that we know
 Fluoridation has NO BENEFITS to the human body/ dental health of an individual. 

If you care at all about your children, or your children's children this is definitely a topic worth paying attention to , and the more I look at the facts maybe drinking alkaline based products more often then not - instead of relying on our fluoride ridden system might just be the go for a healthier ME. 
There is no conspiracy here only the simple facts derived from documents which can be observed and found by every day citizens like yourself.   The long term factual evidence we have had access to for years, but unfortunately have disregarded as after entrusting the "misleading" benefits of water fluoridation for the teeth by leading toxicologist, Harold Hodge of America initially in 1953.  

ANYWAY - besides all my own opinions and views, I ask you all to research this topic a little bit further. I'm not asking you to take the truth from just myself. Like always I hope to promote active citizens challenging corrupt views that challenging society for truth. 
So I'll leave it up to you now to enquire. There are few links on my page to get you all started. 
I think as smart individuals we should definitely challenge things that we individually don't understand, especially if we haven't asked for them.  

I hope I have prompted some sense of enquiry and clarity, in hope that you all delve a little deeper and begin looking for answers from trusted resources, investigations and people that have already been affected from the contaminants of fluoride.  Its up to you :) 
If you would like to sign the petition Against Water fluoridation in our system, start here, or even go for a read of the current news for ending Fluoridation in public water systems. ENQUIRE HERE.

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