Thursday, 7 February 2013

Family Fun Time.

I just wanted to post a few photos from my family Holiday. 
At the moment it is just Mum, Myself and Belle + Tyla (my other sister works in Victoria in the horse racing industry)  she is super busy at the moment and wasn't able to make it :( .
 Since last year was a hard year for our little family, catching up for Belles Birthday was a great  was tart to a new chapter.  
Although Seaworld was so packed full of people and honestly looked as though the animals really didn't want to be there too much (Torture for tourism if you ask me), it was fun to just walk around and spend time with Belle on her Bday!
I honestly wish I could upload all the pics but there was just way way too many. I'm still getting the hang of the ol Sony Camera clicking away haha. Enjoy :)

The next day after mum finished work we headed to the Pass Beach in Byron Bay for some surfing lessons. Since Belle got a Gboard for her Birthday we though it would be fun to take it out one afternoon and see what she could do. Let me just say, that for one - SHE WAS BRILLIANT!!!!!!
Belle absolutely loved her Gboard and new body board and i for one was extremely surprised by her surf skills. She road 2 waves in all the way and  really got the hang of standing up. I reccomend anyone interested in surfing seriously start out on one of these babys ( GBOARD) they are soft and won't knock you out when learning haha - always a plus!

For any of you interested in buying a Ripcurl Gboard. I have left a few links for you below. They are a great gift for kids and adults alike and are easy to get started in the Surf.
Gboards: Enquire Here.
Ripcurl Gboard Makes: Enquire Here.

Thanks for Reading, always Lovin your Lovin!!!

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