Saturday, 23 February 2013

Summer Sites I have to Share.

As most of you know, I am inlooooove with Internet shopping, especially after my good friend Ange got me all obsessed with the beautiful clothes just swimming around the online shopping world.

I know summer is almost over but I am absolutely in love with The Girl and the Water Website. I honestly just can't get enough. Within the first five minutes of browsing I already had added 5 to my shopping cart haha. These bikinis are really quite unique, some of the styles give such a beautiful vibe and would really stand out. I will let you know how these go, once I get my order.

Enquire Here. for full website.

Another one of my favourites at the moment is Moana Bikini - a little skimpier but again totally gorgeous colours and styles. Personally I think $100.00 on a bikini is a little bit pricey, but for the right bikini I would pay it. Worth having a browse if you are a Bikini lover like myself.

Enquire Here. for full Website. - This is an Australian Designer.

Another great online shopping adventure, is Arden B online. I have loved this site for a while, the only thing that makes me hesitate to shop is the international shipping delays :( . Once and a while I find something that I HAVE to have and I make an excuse for the lateness of my item haha. One of my favs worth mentioning.

Enquire Here. for full Website.

Sabo Skirt is another website I love even though I go through phases with their clothes! These guys always seem to always have some really cute little dresses - which I adore ( some bit too short might I add ). I love the colours they are going for this spring, lilac ruffles and boho sheik patterns. Whilst Sabo Skirt markets for the younger woman, some of their peices can be styled up nicely.
Check them out and Enquire Here. for full website.
Sabo Skirt has a cool Blogspot they highlight all their upcoming seasonal items. Check them out if interested.  Enquire Here 4 BLOG.

Anyways just a few of my favourite ones at the moment. Will be back to update my new favourite online shopping Adventures asap.

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