Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Weekend of Eating

As most of you already know, my name is Jessica Elle, and yes I am a Foodaholic! 
Admittedly so, 
Mums line "Don't Live to Eat. Eat to Live" never kind of stuck with me. 
I was always more of a "Eyes too big for my stomach" kind of girl haha :)
Any new chance I get to check out something tasty , I am there with my food pants on!
And last weekend was no exception to this. 
I woke up early on Saturday Morning with a HUNGER for Crepes! All I wanted to do was eat a Crepe, and when my tummy speaks, my legs must follow. 
After researching some of Sydney's Best, I found Claire's Crepes; a gorgeous, little, vintage cafe in Newtown which had excellent reviews for Crepe Creations.
So in the car we hopped, and drove we did for Claire's Crepes. 20 minutes later we had arrived at a very small squishy cafe in the heart of Newtown.
The layout of the cafe was small but design wise, very detailed. Nutella bottles hung over the drop lights, old doors were hung all over the right wall, and there were the cutest little pot plants and sugar buckets placed on every table.
I thought the prices were very reasonable and even though there wasn't too big of a menu selection, the Cafe covered all the favourite Savoury and Sweet Crepes.
I of course ordered the Sweet & Sour Jack;  A Buttered Crepe, Sprinkled with lemon zest, sugar, and served with a side dish of whipped cream. 
And for the Laiman, the Monte Carlo:  A Buttered Crepe, filled with Chicken, Olives, Corn, Mozzarella Cheese and served with a side dish of sun dried tomato and cream cheese dip. 
Let me just say that BOTH Crepes were AMAZING!!
The texture was perfect, the thickness was perfect, the soft buttery taste = SO PERFECT! I have nothing to fault, everything I ate, taste exactly the way I wanted. 
(It is also significant to note, that the oranges used to make my crispy fresh orange juice, were fresh from the owners farm and taste absolutely delicious. I have never had an orange juice quite like it!  Except for MUMS!)
 (How incredibly cute are these tiny tin buckets filled with sugar. Gorgeous Idea!)

(I ordered a side dish of honey cause I thought I would need it - I didn't)
After a great experience at Claire's Crepes, we treated ourselves to a relaxing time at the Beach before  Lunch Time Called. 
One place we both love to go is the Waterworks Hotel in Botany Bay. The pub food is so delicious and the chefs always put up a hearty amount of food on the plate.
We ALWAYS order the $9.00 Brushetta! One: because it is seriously the best brushetta in Sydney, and Two: because its damn seriously the best brushetta in Sydney!
 (Under this schamozzle are two big pieces of sour dough toast with red onion, tons of tomato and feta! MMM)
Now I have been really trying my best to steer clear of any real meat dishes lately, especially anything that contains pork meat. But this weekend I indulged just a  little bit more then usual, and ordered the Full Rack of Carolina's BBQ Pork Ribs served with beer battered chips and light salad! $25.00 later - I still don't regret it! 

Lai ordered the T.bone Steak with beer battered chips & a light Salad, and he would like to say that he loooooooved it! What can I say, we are food people! Definitely meant to be together haha <3
The Next day (being Sunday), we ventured into The Spot  for The Spot Festival! For those of you, who do not live in the Eastern Suburbs,  the Spot is in between Randwick Junction & the Coogee suburbs). 
I wasn't sure what to expect, as this was my first year attending, but as soon as we arrived I realised this was a food festival ... YAY!
 (Guess who we find lurking near the Wood Fire Pizza Restaurant - Our Good Ol Pal Peter Garrett!)
 (The Spot's Infamous and might I add very pricey Tapas Restaurant - El Bulli)
 (Just a little Paella...)

 (All sorts of kids characters, louie getting in on the action.)

 (How amazing is the detail of this Henna Tattoo)
 (Love these crafty badges and buttons so cute!)
 (Who doesn't enjoy watching Tongan men shake their booties)

The Spot Festival was a fun filled day, definitely worth going to for anybody who lives in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. There was plenty of food tasting, kids activities, arts and crafts and general ideas for cooking incl. Thai, Mexican, Spanish, Italian, Indian etc. - all the good foods The Spot is generally known for. 

If you want to check out the Randwick City Council's Website, they have videos, an image gallery and tons of info on the Spot Event held yearly :) Enquire Here.
If your interested in trying out Claire's Crepes check out the Urban Spoon website and read some of the  previous reviews posted. Unfortunately Claire's Crepes doesn't have their own website yet, after enquiring with the owner it will be happening soon.  Once they do I will keep you guys posted, but for now Enquire Here. for the Urban Spoon Reviews and Info on Claire's Crepes.
If your in Botany and you feel like a hearty pub lunch, then head on down to Waterworks Hotel. The staff are great and the food won't disappoint Enquire Here. for Waterworks full Menu and Info.

Thanks for Reading, I hope you enjoyed all my food festivities over the weekend. 
If anybody knows any great places to eat, please TELLL ME so I can grab my food pants and my Lai and go straight there haha!!!


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