Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beauty Remedies that Really Work.

Lately I have been finding it really hard to trust a lot of the big named skincare /hair /beauty brands, mainly because for me, they deliver next to none results and in some cases leave ingredient content off the product packaging (which I do not like). 
After having a horrible hair experience at a salon (first time apprentice + bleach = not great experience), my hair had become brittle, dry and lifeless to say the least. I have never seen hair in a worse condition then what mine was a few weeks ago. 
Just to let out a little frustration - I am  constantly annoyed with all these fancy products hair dressers always try to sell during a treatment. Whats more annoying is different hair dressers / stylists recommend different products and various advice on whats best for your hair AND I find myself forever battling their inner sales man. 
While searching about natural ingredients for hair repair, I stumbled upon Jessica Alba's new book 
The Honest Life (Enquire Here.). Coincidentally I saw her appearance on Ellen regarding the book earlier today (Watch Here.)
Jessica's book looked interesting, and as she demonstrated on Ellen, offers home remedies using every day home ingredients for an the individual well being. 
Jessica's Alba is also co founder of the Honest Co. A company providing healthier baby, cleaning and beauty etc. products for people and their families. 
They also have a pretty amazing informative blog here. Its worth looking at, especially for all those new mommies in search of healthier alternative products for their bubs. Enquire Here.

So many great blog spots I have come across with great home remedy ideas, one blog I encourage you to look at is: The Frugal Model (Check it out Here.) This blog blew me away so many different lifestyle areas are covered in this blog, really great for all the home remedy ideas too. 

I am also going to be starting home remedies beauty DIY page on Pinterest so please check my page for new updates covering all hair, skin, nail etc. related tips and tricks. 
One tip I have found from all my internet searchings was t that Raw Egg, Olive Oil, Avocado were/are all great sources of protein for the Hair. 

As I only had Olive Oil and Eggs left in the Kitchen I  decided to combine the two and give it a go.

I had taken significant note of the guidelines to putting egg in ones hair. 
Only applying  it to the ends, leaving the root free and washing the egg out ONLY with cold water as not to cook the egg whilst in the hair haha. Don't be fooled folks these simple steps are very important!

Mix together two eggs, and apply two table spoons of olive oil. 
Gently whisk the ingredients together until they blend nicely.
Sectioning off hair, and apply the  mixture to the most damage ends first , working up the shaft of the hair, stopping just before the root. 
( TIP: Dipping the sectioned hair ends into the mixture can be the cleanest method of application)
Once all hair is soaked in the Mixture, wrap cellophane/ plastic bag over the head and allow the mixture to process. 
30 minutes later Wash out gently with ONLY cold water and a little shampoo to encourage the cleanse. 

(Sorry about the dodgy iphone photos, it was a quicker alternative.)
After towel drying my hair, I let it dry naturally, combing it gently once in a while. Once it had dried I was shocked by the result. I had never achieved any repair this quick before. It was so noticeable and I am still talking about it with people days later haha. 
Overall I was extremely happy with the result, and have decided I will be repeating the process at least 3 times a week. 
My hair has never repaired itself quicker then after using this simple treatment. I noticed the texture was less course and looked so beautiful and shiny. I was honestly amazed by this and recommend to anybody who wants noticeably healthier hair. 
I can't wait to start pinning ideas for everyone to use and hopefully I will have just as much success with the coconut oil and avocado treatment as I did the egg and olive oil. 
If there is anyone who is willing to share their beauty secrets with me, please leave a comment. I would love to hear and try :):):)


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