Sunday, 24 March 2013

Easter Show Time

It's Easter time again and the The Royal Easter Show is in town. Sydney town that is.
I for one, am a huuuggge fan of buying crappy show bags filled with junk that I will never use again.  I am also a fan of patting baby farm animals and watching ducks push each other down little slides, so yeh I really enjoy this sort of thing.
Last Sunday (24th of March), we took ourselves to the show to celebrate all the seasonal madness that the Royal Easter Show has to offer.

For those folks who don't live in Syd, let me just give you a quick recap on how hot the weather was last Sunday - 34 degrees at Homebush Bay! Yowchhh,  not the best day to be walking around the show eh!
The weather was smouldering hot, so hot that we had to pour water over our heads and feet after just 15 minutes of walking.
Not to mention the line to buy a snow cone was so damn ridiculous, 45 minutes later and you probably would have been half way through the line.
I made a casual joke with the snow cone lady saying,
"You guys would be making a fortune today",
to which she grumpily replied,
"Believe me Darl I don't see a bloody cent of that fortune."
- OK IT was a joke lighten up Helen High pants.

It also didn't make it much better that poor Lai dressed himself in a lovely long sleeved Tshirt and wore his shoes with woolly socks ha ha. You would think being Fijian he would of been used of these sorts of humid conditions - but nope, he really struggled poor man.
Here are a few photos of our show experience and what you can probably expect if you venture out to the Show.
 ( This Mug)
 (Its more entertaining watching the people run, I reckon)
 (That poor jamaican dog !!! Someone check if he is still alive in this heat)
 (Who eats a bloody corn dog in 34 degree heat!)
 (Who doesn't love piglets)
 (How cute are baby pigs)
(How ugly are the big pigs though eehhh)
 (Kissing a cow)
 (My reaction when the baby goat peed on another baby goats hoof )
 (Ducks are soooo cute, especially when the accidentally slip on their little ladder)
( The winner was the contestant on the far right, 15 yrs old and smallest kid. Once 
again proved to me that my first impressions are often wrong)

 (Tomato and basil pasta in the food pavilion is DELISH. A must try.)
To Know Before You Go?: The show involves A LOT of walking, standing, sweating , pushing, shoving, smelly farm animals. It's not all family fun ha ha, be prepared for crowds and giant lines. Best to carry a backpack not a handbag ladies - also be a good idea to take your own water as a small bottle with set you back $5.00.
Show Bags Worth It?: Womens Health, Mens Health, Tracks, Marie Claire (Probably the best ones I saw). & For Cheap choccies, Of course Bertie Beatle, Cadbury and the Nestle Sensation Show Stopper = All Good Buys!
Shows to See?: The Wood Chop is always really good to watch.
Would I go again?:  Yes I Still would.

If you are interested in checking out the Sydney's Royal Easter Show, Please Click the Enquire Link and have a look at the official site.
Enquire Here.

Does anyone else have any Cool Easter Show experiences? 
Lately there has been a lot of talk in the Aus media about escalating prices in family events like the show? Does anyone find the price of entry for a family off putting? Because I know I certainly do. 


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