Thursday, 14 March 2013

Raw Food Detox & Catching up with MMAXFIT

 Hey folks.
Its friday once again, trust me TGIF is on repeat in my head right now!

A couple of things I learnt this week and found useful, I want to share.
(Even for the people who aren't interested in dieting, detoxing or fitness fanatical notions will probably find all this information fairly useful for their inner wellbeing; I know I did.)

< Natural Antiobiotics Which ACTUALLY Work!
Ovbiously if you have passed the first stages of sickness and are in a severe way, it probably might be too late to start using these natural remedies.

No I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor, but these are some remedies which I found useful for me, so in my opinion they are worth sharing.
After following the 7 Day Raw Detox Plan's Facebook Page, I was confronted with all this new, interesting information regarding sickness and nutrition.
< I have only tried a few of these, but the ones I have given a go are Garlic, Echinacea,Lemon, Manukah Honey, Oregano and Olive Leaf Extract. 

I have had GREAT results from the Olive Leaf Extract (Liquid Form with Mint Extract) , so I try my best to mix a couple of table spoons of the liquid in with tea every day for better immune system. (When I was sick I upped the dosage to three table spoons a day, and noticed my glands slowly healing from their swollen state)
For a girl who used to swear by the doctor / hospital system, I was a huge believer in making sure I took the appropriate dosage of medication/antiobitiotics advised. But after experiencing the results I have had with some of the more natural remedies, I am definitely all for hearing out these healthier alternatives  as well.

When my glands were swollen, along with having regular doses of the Olive Leaf Extract, I took a routined dose of the  Echnicea tablets as well as drinking a glass of the Garlic, Orange and Carrot juices every day. This combination seemed to work very well together, and in a matter of three days, my swollen glands had healed and I was feeling amazing. E.g. More Energy, Clear Skin, No Stomach Aches and Pains. All round Feeling good.

 These Fun Facts are always appearing on Raw Diet Plan Facebook page (Enquire here.) I love the Raw Diet Plan, they always keep the consumer up to date with benefits of natural foods and different solutions for cooking yummy meals. After I starting researching some of these interesting facts I found them to be extremely common natural healing remedies to many people.
If you haven't checked out the 7 Day Raw Detox Plan, make sure you do so. Everyday they have interesting posts, interviews and general facts about food. You won't be let down by the out pour of information and people connected by this healthy facebook page.(Enquire Here.)

The Step into My Green World Facebook page is another great source of information on foods that ACTUALLY Benefit your Inner System! (Enquire Here.)
I believe It's always good to have a read on the foods which help our internal system keep chugging. I know that plenty of people ( including myself) dont really take into account food groups that are going to maintain and balance our bodies system inner health. Its always good to have at the back of your mind the knowledge and general know how of the foods that gives us the most benefits.
MMAXFIT Madness 
Its been a while since I posted on my Mmaxfit mornings so I thought I would post a few pictures to get you guys motivated for a workout this weekend. I have so many free passes to give a way for a free class, so if your interested please let me know and come join us at 8:00am Saturday Morning next to the Centenial Park Cafe Syd :)

If your interested in joining MMAXFIT please leave a comment below or email me personally. Would love to see some new faces down there. And if anybody has any other Clean Eating Websites,tips or tricks -  I'm all ears! 
Have a wonderful Weekend :)


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