Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sydney Weekend! Come on Lets GO!

L  ast weekend I felt like I was the host of Sydney Weekender, visiting all the sites, taking pictures, giving advice to tourists that walked passed - yep that was me!

It all started when Lai told me that he wanted to do something 'interesting', "not just sit around at home - (which to be honest,  was what I had originally hoped we would do).

So I put my thinking hat on a planned a little weekend...

First off I thought it would be fun to visit some Ionic Sydney sights, have lunch and then follow our noses back home. Lai then piped up and suggested we take a drive to Balmain's Ballast Point, as I had never been there before and it wasn't too far a road trip from home. 
After arguing about where we should go for at least half an hour... Ballast Point it was!

First Stop - Ballast Point
So we were on our way to Ballast Point singing Midnight Oil and cruising over the Anzac Bridge. 
I for one was not overly keen to go as it was a most beautifully hot day. The sun was shining, birds were cooing, finally after stopping two times for my bathroom pitt stops, we arrived at our destination. Free parking, could this really be Sydney!!! 

The outside of Ballast Point looked dry and bushy. but Lai insisted that it would get more beautiful. and ... I hate to admit it but he was right!
I had never seen Sydney from this point before, the ferry's, the yachts and the beautiful houses over the harbour, it really was quite an amazing site. The history of the harbour was highlighted at various points around the park.
This would be a great place to have a picnic, children's birthday party, family BBQ or casual walk the dog around day haha . It provides great scenic photo opportunities and is a great way to learn a bit of our harbour history.

If you are Interested in a bit of history of Ballast Point Please Enquire Here. for the Website and information on how to get there.

Second Stop  LUNCH - Pyrmont Fish Market
After a long fun walk around Ballast Point we crossed the bridge and drove down to the Sydney Fish market to get some lunch. Lai is Fijian so its safe to safe seafood is always he's first choice haha!
Few things to know before visiting the fish market - be prepared to be surrounded by all different people trying to snag the best bargain fish haha.
I chose to eat the lemon seared salmon with chips and salad - $8.50 and Lai chose the Fried Barramundi Full Fish - $15.00.

If you are keen as beans to check out the Fish Market in Syd take a look at the website and make a few enquiries of your own at some of the eateries. Enquire Here.  for fish market website.
Overall it was good, parking was cheap and the food was delicious. It was also great to walk around the marina and have a look at all the Fish Market shops.
There is a great Deli and beautiful bakery in there which next time I will pay more attention to.

Last Stop - Ice Cream in Coogee

I love Coogee! I love the vibe I get every time I go there, mainly because it feels like home now since I only live in Maroubra haha .  There is always something going on in Coogee and there are plenty plenty of ice cream/frozen yogurt/ gelato shops up and down the main street, Plus its easy to spot a nice place to sit and relax at the end of the day. We chose to go to the Italian gelato joint opposite from Coogee bay Hotel to pick a treat!
Lai got Rich Choc and Hazel Nut and I got Boysenberry with a freckle cone - the child in me!!!
Was a brilliant way to end the day.

Talk about good way to spend the weekend. Where else is good to go? Let me know!!! 


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