Monday, 1 April 2013

Camping for Easter

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate the Easter Season :)
Apologies for my lack of blogging over the break, but when on a holiday I like to stay away from all computer oriented things as LOOOOONNNG as one possibly can.
Those who have been following my instagram / twitter posts will know that over the 3 day break I have been camping my little butt off on the South Coast of Australia.
Originally I was suppose to be in Coffs for the long weekend, but in my life things never seem to go to plan and then all of a sudden I was whisked away to the South Coast for a real camping experience.
Now when I say camping, I do not mean caravan park on the beach with a pool and sauna in the background camping - like hella no!
I am talking about straight up, camping in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a swamp mosquito's all around, with a make it yourself camp fire etc.
First up,  I didn't know there were caravan parks dedicating to bringing back the "REAL" idea of camping. When I called up to book a site, I called at least 20 different caravan/camping places. It seemed that every park was FULLY booked out, except for this one park called Jervis Bay Cabins Hidden Creek - and trust me now I know why LOL.
When we pulled up at the site entrance, it was as if we were pulling up to the very edge of the bush land. The lady at the front office said to us that we would probably see lots off animals and not to scare the duck that only had one eye - um what?! She then went on to say that there was only one amenities block in the whole site and that we would need to buy a couple of bags of fire wood cause it would definitely get quite cold at night time. At this point I was pretty scared to see what our site looked like.
We drove through the camping park to our little site,  YEP it was pretty bushy. Did I mention that at this point we were probably the first campers to arrive and at this stage the bush was eerily quiet.
I must say though, the more time I spent assembling the tent and collecting the fire kindling I realised how cool it was to actually be in a park where you could have your own camp fire and see real native animals in there natural home.
This camping place was actually pretty awesome, it was only 15 minute from Huskisson's small town and when I saw how compact and tightly packed all the other caravan parks were, I realised how great our one was.
For all those new families or even couples just wanting to take off and have a quick cheap holiday, honestly I recommend this camp site.
Before I go showing all my pictures I just want to say - HOW AMAZING IS JERVIS BAY!
I had always heard great things about the Shoalhaven Region but seriously I didn't think it was going to be a complete breathe of fresh air.
I am going to leave links to my holiday highlights incl. where I stayed, things I did, restaurants we went to etc.
Because this was such a last minute escape, I think it made it that much more enjoyable! Don't you just love spontaneity.

(Ignore my mug and check out Lai's tent assembling abilities!)
 (This is one of our dodgy tent set ups)
 (Please find service mr iPhone)
 (Who doesn't love a mug made of aluminium!)
 (Remember these bad boys!!! Cereals in a box - pretty dope !)
 (Burning my hand, didn't think this one through properly)
 ( Cooking on hot coals - super yum!)
 (We all took a canoe out for a day to go fishing. No fish in this river I swear its bare)
(Apparently they caught this in the same river - massive lie)
 (The sleepy town of Huskisson was wide wide awake during Easter!)
 (Not my most fashionable of moments, but hey this is camping right!)
 (Yes this is the infamous possum that bit my toe! Dont let his cuteness fool you.)
 (Beautiful Tawny Frog Mouth - He was always perched above our tree at night times)
 (White Sands Trail - Hyams Beach AMAZING)
 (My reaction when I saw the size of the ants)
(Felt like I had stumbled upon some kind of paradise)
 (Actually Caught up)
 (In love with Gods Creations. He gives us these few pieces of heaven if we are grateful enough - we notice)
 (Fireworks on Easter Sunday)
 (Cosy Swag!)
For those of you interested in getting a way and experiencing a real life camping experience. Jervis Bay is a complete highlight on my map. 

Jervis Bay Cabins & Real Camping in Hidden Creek - is the place we stayed. It's a quieter alternative and just 15 minutes a way from the sleepy town of Huskisson.Check it out Here.

Places to definitely see while your in the Area.
Booderee National Park: Hiking, picnics, fishing etc. 
Hyams Beach: Beachin it, sunbaking, general relaxation and amazing photos!
Chinamans Beach and Plantation Point Trail: Good bushwalking experience beware of giant ants though!
Actual Jervis Bay: Fishing, dolphin watching, boat rides, all round gorgoues scenery. 
Nowra Wildlife Park: Family Fun, animals etc.

Does anyone else have any Easter Experiences to share. If so where??? :)


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