Thursday, 18 April 2013

How Broke Girls get Gaga Gorgeous

Apologies for being such a bore the passed week, but I have some exciting things in the making plus work decided to be extra full on - and this all seemed to prolong my blog posting time. Excuses aside, I am extremely happy to be back behind my Mac.

For those that follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you will know that I have recently been in the Bauer Media Sydney Head Office this week. It's  great to be in a different sort of media environment then I'm used to; and I must say I'm kinda lovin being around all the girls.
One thing that got me yapping away this week, was trialing and reviewing both Drug Store Make up and the High End Make up products.
Those that know me well, know that I try to cut costs with EVERYTHING! I am such a tight ass with money lol,  even when I have a lot of it, I still cant justify spending the amount on most price tags I come across, (I know right, such a pooper). I have no idea how my fiscal responsibility started, probably during my University days, where I was totally strapped for cash... Anyway...
Doing anything in this damn city ends up costing me a good wad of cash and I'm damn well sick of it,
so if I can spend a bit less on chemist beauty products that work just as good as high end ones -  I most certainly will.

If your on a beauty budget these are your must haves trust me, this little cheap skate knows her tricks.

For those that keep asking - Yes I am a fan of BB Cream and Drug Store wise I have tried them all, (yep I know obscene... right). My absolute favourite was by the brand Rimmel. I found it gave beautiful coverage, smoothing imperfections and lightening the dark areas around my eyes thoroughly.

Rimmel BB Cream - RTP $12.95 (Priceline)

For anyone wondering if they should use a Primer... I say Yessssssss! Please do! Using a primer has changed MY LIFE!!! Nah not really, but it has definitely changed the way I do my make up and essentially made my skin so much better. I cant believe there was a time I didn't use one now haha!

For those wanting to cut costs on a Primer, I recommend either the
Australis Facial Primer or the Sukin Facial Moisturiser.
Yes I know what your thinking, Sukin? Facial Moisturiser for Primer?!
I was actually recommended to use the Sukin Moisturiser about year ago now, by one of the Napoleon Make up artists. She had personally found the Sukin range had a far better result for long wear in comparison to the Napoleon Primers she was using on her clients.
I for one am in love with this product, I love the result it has with my skin and the price tag is under 10 bucks so thats awesome to me.

Sukin Facial Moisturiser - RTP $7.99 (Chemist Warehouse)

My second choice is the Australis primer. For the price it is, I think it works brilliantly, and quality wise I give two thumbs up! Give it a go.

Australis Primer - RTP $11.16 (Priceline)
At the moment I am also trialling the bronzing primer - I am not liking this as much as the regular Australis Primer, to me this stuff is too sticky! But anyway I will keep trying it with different foundations and let you know how it goes over the coming weeks.

Australis Bronzing Primer - RTP $11.16 (Priceline)

For a light coverage I am loving the Mabelline Dream Foundation Range at the moment.
Mabelline Dream Nude Airfoam is a fav! - I like that its not too heavy and kind of gives you an all round even complexion (try a stippling brush for better/smoother effect). I recommend this as an alternative to Revlons Photoready Airbrush Makeup!!!!

Mabelline Dream Nude Airfoam - RTP $22.95 (Priceline)

The Garnier Roll on Concealer works miracles!
I love the flexibility of this product - after application it feels light and illuminates my T section perfectly.

Garnier Concealer Roll On - RTP $18.99 (Priceline)

For Pencil eyeliners head over to Face of Australia, Savvy Makeup or even BYS isn't all that bad for cheap alternative.

Savvy Kohl Eyeliner Pencil - RTP $3.99 (Priceline)
Face of Australia Eyeliner Pencil - RTP $9.99 (Priceline)
BYS Eyeliner Pencil -RTP $4.95 (Kmart)

Unfortunatley there is only ONE drug store mascara that I will use, and that I will ever recommend to people. That is of course the Loreal Telescopic Mascara  - AMAZING! I love how much length it adds to your lashes, not to mention you can pick one of these little baby's up on ebay for under 10 bucks!

Clean Definition, Loreal Telescopic Mascara - RTP $21.56 (Priceline)

There is only one fake tan in a can spray I will ever use if I need to reach brown town quickly. 
Face of Australia Bronzer Tanning Spray. Why you ask?
Because colour wise this tanning spray isn't le'orange; it has a green base so it doesn't stain your skin a weird rank colour like the Le Tan in a Can Le'yukko! This stuff is dark on application and still doesn't streak. When applied sets perfectly with an even olivey brown finish! 

Face of Australia Bronzer Spray - RTP $9.49 (Kmart)

For a beautiful blush, I am totes lovin Cover Girls True Cheeks collection. I particularly have taken to the pallet that comes in the three different pink tones. Of course the stupid little brush that comes with the pallet is totally useless and crap, but the powders are lovely and fresh. Great for day time wear and overall good drug store buy :)

TRU Cheeks Blush Pallet Set - RTP $9.95 (Priceline)

For a budget Powder Bronzer, I actually/seriously recommend you try the Savvy jumbo sun kissed bronzer. 

Unlike many powder bronzers that retain a shimmery pigmented  powder, Savvy keeps it matte! The Savvy powder range lasts me a full day and is also great for contouring (make sure to use a stippling brush and blend away any obvious lines, as the Savvy bronzer can leave a bold indentations if not applied correctly). 

Savvy Sun kissed Bronzer - RTP $4.79 (Priceline)

If your looking for a cheap make up pallet - look no further then a Models Prefer kit. I know some of them are a bit amateur, but these little babies still come in handy, especially their basic matte colours for contouring eyes/brows. I love the variety of colours and textures in even the smaller of the kits. Models Prefer always keeps prices reasonable. 

Models Prefer Showcase Colour Pallet - RTP $15.00 (Priceline)

I hope to get my review on The Brow Bar  posted ASAP. I love this product, its perfect for contouring the brows and fixing up and loose hairs. Was sent to me early last week, so I have to get on it and try that little bugger out! Stay Tuned and let me know your budget buys so I can try. 


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