Sunday, 7 April 2013

"If we keep it relevant, they might not notice!"

It seems everywhere I go now, everyone has something to say about North Korea!
I myself, was extremely disappointed when one of my more favoured sources for news (who shall rename nameless) produced an extremely biased report of Korea's so called "threat to Guam and the U.S."
And then... just yesterday, the All American GI JO movie had something to say about it too. Coincidence? - I most certainly think not!

Yes I get the topical nature of an issue like an attack on the U.S, but whats more concerning to me is the amount of movies, mass media projects and reports that depict the end of the world scenario.
It almost seems like all these mass media conglomerates want their target audiences (and by target audiences I mean media driven mortals, like yourself) to be scared,  and to bow down to one world leader, who will save our souls from this mass destruction - Brainwash reality, uh yer.

So as you know, I went and saw that G.I. JO Retaliation blockbuster yesterday. (Yer don't judge me, sometimes when your in a relationship you do things for the other person.)
But yes it was yet another end of the world disaster movie... SNORRRR... If it wasn't for all those explosions and gun noises, I probably would have maintained a healthy sleep.

What was more awkward, was the devaluing notion that our world leaders could so easily be lead into a nuclear warfare.
Now I for one would like to think that some serious thought would go into blowing up the entire world, but I guess with the state of our society and the idiots who run our countries, perhaps not.

And once again, this movie completely desensitised the audience to the notion of killing, and in many ways, applauded the idea.
America's perpetual message of, "Do as I say but not as I do!", once again reined in the no tragedy rule -"When our military kills,  IT'S ALL OKAY" (thumbs up, keep smiling boys).

To me, this production was not only a crappy action movie, it was a brainwashing agent used to manipulate our god given brains into trusting warfare lead by the U.S.

Whats more concerning though, is that people have generally become quite DUMB and will believe anything they see and hear from a media organisation.
It is my opinion that,
"Media outlets are run by yes flawed individuals, who secondly, devote much of their self assured time and effort into creating a STORY, a story which may incorporate elements of the entire truth but ultimately exaggerate the qualities and elements that nurture it."- (Jessica Elle on the crappy media)

We must recognise the mass systems and organisations that attempt to manipulate our minds, otherwise individual thought without influence will be a thing of the past. If it isn't already.

Anyway enough about this, whats new with you?



  1. My partner and I had this conversation just yesteday after switching away from a commercial news program.

    Did you know the smart traveller website lists South Korea as 'Exercise normal safety precautions'?
    And North Korea was only recently upgraded to 'reconsider the need to travel'. If it's still save enough for travel to South Korea without concern, I'm not really worried about WW3 just yet.

    1. Wow I didn't know that. Interesting! Thank you for Sharing Miss Directions ..

  2. This is really interesting!

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    1. Already checked it! Have followed and will keep in touch :) Thanks Helena xxx

  3. hi dear! thank you for the comment on my blog, I'm a new follower and I'd love it if you followed back :D Cool post! very unique compared to what I'm used to reading.

    1. I will definietly follow back Steph! Thanks for your support :) xxx

  4. Ahaha, I really just don't understand why the rest of the world is freaking out. I don't think N. Korea's nukes are even capable of hitting the US yet (but I'm not an expert, what do I know?). I don't fear nuclear war - I think as a race we're past that - but as an American, I do fear getting sucked into another Korean War. We really don't need another war right now - but our alliance with S. Korea is really strong. It would really suck.

    1. Hey Isa, thank you for your comment, I agree with alot of what your saying here.
      I love your blog and have just followed !! Hope to chat with you soon :)