Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Office Sheik! Or Office Shrek?

Office Mondays are one word ... Annoying!
Ladies it's time for y'alls weekly wardrobe to start all over again - And trust me, this isn't an easy suit especially when trying to advance in the career climb. 
I used to really worry about the right look for the office. Of course stay appropriate, but professional, smart but casual, tidy but effortless.  I was once told by a previous manager,
"The way a woman dresses in the office is extremely important as to stay relevant, likable and yes even be perceived as smart". 
Um add a bit more pressure, would you?!

Why is this so... 
Because this is a mans world and lets be honest, this world is run by stupid men! 
Did I just say that - Um yer I did. 

In my opinion women are still consciously / unconsciously perceived as a mans concept.
Personally that fact alone proves to be extremely derogatory and ULTIMATELY demeans our gender's intelligence, will, ability to strive not only in the office but in the world. 

First of all,  y'all know my general opinion about Women in the Workforce. Ultimately I strongly dislike that women are given less opportunities and less advances then men, when we clearly have to work that much harder and that much longer just to receive the same benefits in an ordinary business environment. 

I have been working in an office environment for almost 3 years now, and have seen time and time again a male intern with a lesser skill set,  climb the ladder much quicker then a female. Why is this so, are all you business, cigar smoking, moustache growing men too scared that to give a woman a chance is a risk or running at a company loss. 
First of all, if we can raise a family, tend to domestic duties whilst simultaneously focus on every other factor going on in our lives not to mention our children's/husbands -  trust me we can deal with whatever you men think you deal with so much better. 

This brings me back to dress... 
Office Sheik or Office shrek?!
Pushing aside every preconceived notion, I have decided to dress the way I find most works in these sorts of office environments - of course embodying a tad of appropriateness.
I have found the following  office dress rules to be quite helpful in the career advance. 

Please note: 
  1. All Tops to Cover the Breasts: Helpful for attracting face to face verbalisation. 
  2.  Neutral/Solid colours for the Bottoms: Whether it be a black pencil skirt, or brown pants. A solid colour brings an appropriate edge to your stance. It also makes you look tidy. (Apparently tidy goes well with smart.) 
  3. Minimal jewellery: No ghetto chains or knuckle busters this isn't Good Vibes people. 
  4. Fresh Makeup Face: No to the cake look! Sell yourself by intelligent speaking not a Hooker Face.
  5. Intelligent Bubbly Personality - Princess to Public - Kosha to Co Workers! (That's what I always say)

The world is what it is people and the hard truth is, that if you are a woman and you want to move forward in the business industry you must curb all male pre -conceived notions with your strength, endurance, class, determination and  intellectualism.

But hey that's just my opinion!


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