Friday, 19 April 2013

When it Rains... it Pours.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes in life... everything major decides to come all at once!
That's how my life is anyway, boring, boring... then boom. 
It's also how I figure the weather is too, especially in Sydney - sunny, blue skies then -  no way I'm going outside in this crazy ass weather!
Autumn weather in Sydney right now is typically awful. 17 degrees, extreme wind, dark skies, pelting down hard rain - yep this seems definitely a day to stay in and watch some reality shows and crappy romance movies. I have also just become a member of the BlogLovin site so that's another thing I will perhaps spend time doing today. (Any one got any advice on how to use it? lol)
Poor Lai is playing rugby today in this weather, he looked like the abominable snow man, layered in jumpers and sweat pants lol when he left this morning. I however was snuggled under my flannelet sheets when he kissed me on the head and said "You lucky little butt!"

Today as of 10:30 am Aus Time, the Boston authorities have apprehend one of the Boston Bomber suspects, Nineteen-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. His older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed in gun fire between federal authorities late last night. 
I have been following NBC and CNNs coverage on the event (Watch Here.)and I must say Aus's Channel Nine Denham Hitchcock has provided "pretty good" information on the circumstances also. 
But maybe I'm a little biased cause Denhm has totally got it going on. 

Boston police/ Federal Authorities have responded with so much bravery and determination over the last couple of days. So massive shout out to Boston: I am sending all my love and prayers to the families affected by this tragedy.  
Sadly one can expect that this young man will face a whole litany of federal charges, death penalty might be on the books depending on Dzhokhar's personal involvement - but anyway that's the latest on that.

Today is the Sabbath for all those Seventh Day Adventist readers out there and also for those that aren't too, so happy Sabbath to you all, make sure you enjoy your day of rest and give plenty of time to being grateful for your life! With all the horrible things happening around the world at this time, I feel grateful to be alive and living in the safety of my own home, in a such a beautiful country. #Gratefulforthislife

I know that a lot of you are asking for the W7 Brow Bar review which I will definitely post next. I think the Brow bar is an exceptional product for those wanting to transform their eyebrows, so apologies for keeping that review at bay for a little while. 

Im off to Coffs on Sunday for a a bit of a girly trip with mum and my sisters, so should be super fun. I only hope this weather does not delay my trip, and fingers cross I don't get diverted to Brisbane like I did last time! Argh Gold Coast Airport is a serious rookie with the weather and landing the plane thing. Oh well, this time I will be prepared, with the many books and freebies given to me for my time at Bauer Media.

Few Freebies!
I mentioned in my last post that I was at Bauer Media head office helping out, I did no mention that I have been plenty of freebies that I will most definitely review; Including many cook books for helping Bauer books also. 
The staff were so lovely and gave me World Table - totally fab! This cook book retails for $52.50 in stores, so a very generous give a way if you ask me. 

Flicking through the many, many pages, Ive found so many gorgeous recipes and ideas for home cooking, and includes the much lovvvvved cuisines of each country... like i said totally fab! It has inspired me to cook and I can't wait to share some of the meals I will attempt to prepare and most definitely eat!

Arthur's Pizza mmmm!
Speaking of eating, last couple of days I've been working extra late, so one night Lai and myself treated our self to Arthurs Pizza, um so awesome right? 
If you have never been to Arthur's Pizza, seriously google that shiz, and like run there NOW, don't even bother driving, just run there! lol.
Seriously delectable, words can't even explain. I have actually never even tried the pasta dishes because the Pizza is thaaaat good! 

I have actually been spending more time there, then i like to admit but theres some serious magic going on in the water over at Arthurs. So yer I recommend treating yourself at least one time there. 
For Arthur's delicious menu: Enquire Here.

Any for any other queries, just leave a comment below.
I will be posting a review on the Round Table, hopefully soon, probably when I have some time not eating at Arthur's.. Till then Have a lovely lovely Weekend :)


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  7. The weather's like that here, too. Also, I'm hoping the Boston bomber doesn't get the death penalty - he's just a kid.

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