Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A Butterfly Farm & A Big Banana

It has been over 10 days since my last post - definitely a new record for me. Apologies to everyone who has been writing/emailing, I have not had a computer on my travels :( - and trust me, the unknown is super frustrating!!!
How was every ones Anzac day - long weekend? For those that follow me on Twitter, you will know that once again I have been travelling up and down the coast of Aus (you would think I would try something else right lol), but spending my main time in Coffs Harbour with my mom and sisters.
I won't bore you with my overly annoying anecdotes but I will shower you with the many
photos that accumulated over the course of my trip :)
There is so many great things to do on the East coast of Australia. Every time I go somewhere new here, I feel completely blessed to live in this amazing country. Coffs Harbour is definitely a town full of diversity and culture, with plenty of backpacker accommodation as well as peaceful resorts.
Opal Cove Resort - Korora Beach
Big Banana Coffs Harbour Plantation
Banana Plantation Lookout
Butterfly Farm in Saudell
Excuse my crazed look, but I was just too excited to be holding a butterfly!
Butterfly Kisses
This is what copulating butterflies look like haha
My Beautiful sister <3
I am totally amazed with butterflies. One minute a caterpillar with all its crawly little legs and cannibalistic features and the next a beautiful herbivore with wings! Baffles me! 
For anyone travelling through Coffs, I recommend stopping at Saudell's Butterfly House. It is a gorgeous little trip to be remembered. The tour guides are so lovely and take the time to show you the process of butterfly rehabilitation and are just full of all cool butterfly facts haha. 
If you have little bubbies or kiddies, they will love watching all the butterflies flutter around. My only fault with the place, is its a bit pricey for just a little tour, 
but I will link the website below and you can be the judge :)

Opal Cove Balcony 
Thank you for your tweets, and instagram love over my trip :)I am a major follower of my followers, I love blogging and I love reading blogs so if you are a follower of my blog chances are, I probably am of yours also lol! The last couple of weeks I have been flooded with emails asking about my travels and just all sorts of questions, this has amazed me and for the beautiful bloggers I am grateful. Will always take time to check every blog I see. And if I ever don't write back, it's probably because I'm a rookie an have no idea how to check updates on this thing haha :)

Stay in touch !


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