Sunday, 12 May 2013

Aid Syria

I don't know about you, but I have many different ways of accessing news nowadays, whether it be on my iphone, ipad, computer so on and so forth. Newspapers have probably become my last go to resource for news lol - especially since I subscribed to about 50 online news outlets and am constantly receiving minute by minute updates of world headlines... eeh!
Like everything else today news has become extremely accessible and immediate.  And now, thanks to online technology, we have been allowed a constant window of perspective into another individuals reality - (which might I add can be extremely overwhelming when you live in a selfish, western, materialistic civilisation).
If you haven't already seen, Yahoo News recently released photos of the attack on Syria (Enquire Here for Slideshow:), and quite frankly I don't know how you can go on, unaffected after viewing the slide show of this attack. I don't care how many Grand Theft Auto video games you've played, or how many action movies you've watched in the last year, to me seeing the horrific and very real nature of war, violence, hatred is utterly heartbreaking. 
I for one can universally relate to another persons, emotional pain, fear and desperation and like many of you, feel helpless watching the attack on Syria unfold. 
I believe god intended humanity to care, love and help each other through  even the most difficult of circumstances. And yes as poetic as this notion may seem. I just wish people would CARE a little bit  more about each other.
Photos taken from Yahoo News 
If we can spend some of our "hard earned" cashola on a night in the pub or a new iPhone 5, surely we can give generously to support and aid a FELLOW HUMAN BEING.

I support UNICEF'S Syrian Crisis Appeal, and if you live in Australia, definitely check out the link.
Unicef Syrian Crisis Appeal - DONATE HERE:

For international donations, the UNHCR UN Refugee Agency is also accepting your contributions to aid Syrian families and children through this difficult time. Please click the link below to enquire for more information on how to donate.
UN Refugee Agency Syrian Aid - DONATE HERE:

Anyway just thought I'd post a couple of links to check out. Also just want to add that after years of protests and online petitioning, Arwa Al-Hujaili will be officially recgnised and registered as Saudi Arabia's first female lawyer! You go Awa! Great News and coverage by BBC and CNN on this at the moment. Check out full story - A must read! Enquire Here.

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