Sunday, 12 May 2013

May is the Month of Birthday Madness

Hey Guys  
So my last weekend was - A weekend of complete and UTTER MADNESS. I have been an absolute bore the passed...lets say year haha right, I never go out, I usually have one champagne at dinner with my beau and I'm done for the night. But last weekend I had 3 of my closest friends birthdays and they all decided to do something!
I actually forgot till last minute then had to race to the shops and buy them all matching bottles of Moscato haha shhh! But anyway so Friday the 10th of May was Laura's Birthday and we all headed to El Bulli Spanish Restraunt in Surrey Hills to celebrate her Big 27th. 
Stupidly, I didnt look at her message properly and naturally figured she would go to the closest El Bulli which is of course El Bulli The Spot (like why would she go to the other one being further away?!) ANYWAY so me and the boyfriend rushed to The Spot to find we were at the wrong friggin El Bulli! Thrity minutes later we were in Surrey Hills and extremely apologetic for our late arrival haha
I rate the food at El Bulli 8/10 yep pretty damn good. It's a Tapa's restaurant so naturally the menu is expensive. The Sangria was beautiful, although would have liked a bit more fruit, and the potatoes... so delicious!

Sangria tends to get a bit to the ol brain for those whove been there - you know what im talking about. Saturday morning I had to get up nice and early and prepare for Lai's footy gamee then Saturday evening came round and it was all rush rush rush ready for Emmys birthday celebration. Once again my plans failed me and I was late for Ems pre drinks ( don't even go there I am always late) there were of course alot of I'm sorrys, cuddles and finally I pulled out the Birthday Moet which I think smoothed things over quite well .
How amazing is Emilies bandage Dress - Love it!
 After a quick pre drinks and an AMAZING jelly cake - yes that's right Jelly cake, we walked our way to Oceans Bar,  to where Emilie had reserved her little bday spot. The night was honestly so much fun that it flew passed me, so many things happened and I can't recall many of them haha all I know is was good night . 
Oceans Bar - Coogee is probably the best place to have a get together being that its has little function areas, little tucked away spots with lots of places to sit down and chat. It also has a pretty extensive cocktail menu. Tip - the Caprioska's are dangerous!
I pout way too much when I'm out, I need to learn some new moves!
This beautiful girl is my Louie, (who's birthday we were also celebrating!)
Bathroom Pictures are always the most fun!
For those wondering what I'm Wearing? 
White Lace Dress: ICE 
Black Pumps W/ Gold Lining: Jessica Simpson
Earings: Collete Hayman

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekends. Lets hope this week goes super duper quick and we can enjoy the the next weekend to come :)

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  1. That dress is so cute! We haven't seen that in ICE before! We love the lace sleeves. It looks great on you :)


    1. Thank you M+K,
      I know I was sooo surprised when I found it in ICE!

  2. lovely pictures and you look gorgeous on
    the last photo,the dress is so pretty!!
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  5. Lovely white dress!! You look great :)

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  8. Your dress is so hot!! I love it :) Yay for bathroom pictures!! Your blog is super cute too.

    1. Yay for Bathroom selfies haha :) thanks Nini Kat xxxx

  9. You dress beautifull!!!!

    come back me:D

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