Thursday, 13 June 2013

Just in the ol Backyard

Hello my friends,
Just a little post to share my long weekend getaway, sorry its taken me 4 days to get this bad boy up!

So at the very last minute - like literally last Friday, Lai and myself decided to book a motel in the Blue Mountains for the long weekend. Unaware of how cold the Blue Mountains was actually going to be, we packed light and headed west for our little adventure.

We usually book to go away every long weekend, cause we get over staying in Sydney as it can be totally overbearing for the 3-4 days straight (you can probably tell I’m a small town girl at heart). Anyway 2 hours later we were in the Wentworth Falls, which is just 5 minutes short of Katoomba.

I know most Aussies want to travel overseas at some point  in their life, but what I don’t get is how so many of us actually skip travelling in our own country. I think we forget how amazing Australia really is. In my opinion long weekends (cause Australia has THAT many of them haha) are perfect time to get away for a quick little local holiday, as you get to explore somewhere close to home and you don’t have to spend much on accomm. 
Easter weekend we went to Jervis Bay (see my post HERE), which was 3 hrs south of Sydney and this weekend we went to the Blue Mountains, which was 2 hrs, WEST of Syd. I love how when you go out west of Sydney, the countryside is like so old school especially in comparison to the city. I swear the buildings and houses are like 18th century looking haha.

We checked in at the Rest Easy Motel as there was nothing else left because duhhh I was so late in deciding where to go this weekend lol. This motel is definitely for the unpretentious (although very comfortable & welcoming – why does it always go that way), but if I was to book something next time, it would probably be in Katoomba somewhere that is walking from the Blue Mountains’ Echo Point.
The RestEasy motel provided simple warm breakfasts and dinners which I thought was great, except this guy Emanual (who Pretended to be french the whole time) and then on our last day, starting speaking english - was a real hoot considering the night before I had heard a lady ask what meat the roast was to which he replied "mahhh". It cracked me up at first, but kinda makes me angry now I think about it.

Anyway our travel Itinerary went a little something like this.

Saturday- Pack bags, stop for some road trip revisions, Check In to Motel, Katoomba Dinner
Sunday- 1.3 Hrs drive Jenolan Caves, Jenolan Caves Lucas Cave Tour, Afternoon Site Seeing of Blue Mountains
Monday- Blue Mountains Echo Point Trek, Katoomba Scenic World Tour, Lunch in Wentworth Falls, Drive Home.
I will leave you with a couple of photos from our lovely little trip...
I swear Jenolan Caves retreat looks like something out of Switzerland
Cotton On Scarf, Big W Gloves & Winter Jacket, Factory Jeans, Converse Slim Hi Tops.
Cannot believe Lai took this amazing picture.
I had to put in my friendly little follower who I named Frankels - he followed me everywhere!
I know this photo is blurry, but Its the only one I have of me in the actual cave - Thanks Lai!
This river runs underneath the caves.
So tired. Btw there are so many steep hills to climb up and down in Jenolan

As much as I love working in an office on a computer most days, I am definitely an outdoorsy type person. I really enjoying bush walking and exploring the countryside, seeing sites and witnessing beautiful natural wonders. The Blue Mountains is breathe taking and the forest there is amazingly lush and just gorgeous. 
For those who are keen to go to the Blue Mountains my biggest recommendation would be to wear the right clothes, especially if you are going in Aus Winter lol
I am so keen to purchase the following. I absolutely love these hiking boots especially the Taruka Leather - Brown Quencha with the winter warmer at the top. Some people might not be into this type of thing, but I totally love sport gear and outdoor apparel so yer. Hopefully those little baby's will be my next purchase :)

Thank you guys so much for reading!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our trip away. 


  1. these pictures are so pretty! I really hope I can visit Australia one day. I follow you now (:

    1. Aw thank you Lonneke! Don't worry Im sure where you are is way more exciting then here, I just have to make the most of it haha! xxxxx

  2. Your pictures look so amazing! :) Lovely blog hun x

    1. Aw thanks Laura, I wish I could take credit for them but they are definitely the work of my partner Lai haha! Thanks for stopping by xxxx