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Some people have been asking what my tips and tricks are for maintaining healthy, bright appearing skin.  For years it was just "oh you know a bit of this bit of that", but at an early age I  noticed a dramatic change in my skin (which scared the shiz out of me). So naturally I changed my mojo and started researching how to achieve a healthier less sun damaged look. 
First of all I want to say that I have never been one of those naturally flawless girls who was born with a perfect gorg complexion. I am extremely aware that my skin type ages quickly, I have fair fair skin which damages easily when exposed to weather elements. (Honestly if I could change one thing about myself it would definitely be my skin. I have always wanted a more olive tanned skin naturally, and completely hate that to achieve the look I love would involve baring my skin to UV rays.
For both my hair and skin, I need to pay extra attention to make sure it looks its very best - so to all  those haters that think I have an effortless approach to skin, hair and nail maintenance - you are wrong!
Like most of you know, I always back drug store products that I think work really well, and because I'm so fiscally responsible, I am always googeling product ingredients, to make sure that what I am buying is worth every dollar. 
EBay is my other great tool for saving a buck or 5. I have found so many high end products at a huge discount.
My favourite skin products at the moment are based on,  number one, their * Quality & Effectiveness
and number two *PRICE. 
(If you haven't used a vitamin C serum on your face yet - Start now. The results are crazy. The serum with lighten your face, and slowly get rid of any dark spots or sun damaged circles.)
(I have always liked the Nuetrogena products, and find this Cleanser works brilliantly to achieve a fresh /clean face - Love the smell too.)
(Again must use sparingly. Do not drench face. Just gentle dabs under the eyes and around fine lines, to help tighten and brighten those ageing areas.)
(I take a least 2-3 tablets a day. Biotin has always saved me from shedding too much hair, maintaining healthy nails and looking after my skin. You will definitely notice the results after a month of use. I also recommend any Silica Tablets too.)
(Gives you a great deep pore clean. The brush is fab way to get into every nook and cranny.)
(Use sparingly on blemishes or pimples. Great way to naturally get rid of break outs quickly!)
(Honestly is the nicest, most beautiful smelling toner I have ever used. I love the way this product leaves my face feeling!)
(Australian owned brand - provides a light, parabeen free wear moisturiser. Absolutely love this, you have to try!)

Once a week, I will do a DIY face mask also - Usually this will be made out of either a fresh avocado or banana paste that I lather on and leave for 30 minutes (I am all for the naturale lately and finding these home remedies really have freshened my face up completely.) 
Enquire Here for some cool DIY skin care masks.

Has anyone watched the Home Eveda Channel on Youtube? - I absolutely love that lady. Whenever I have a cold or allergic skin reaction I like run to her channel ASAP. Shes pretty cool.
Enquire Here For HomeEveda Youtube.

I have noticed allot of You tube Gurus are promoting the Clarisonic at the moment. I wasn't completely sold on my own experience with it and thought that the price was absolutely STUPID, so naturally have opted for a cheaper version that I found floating around the net. The one I am having shipped to me( as we speak) is called the Tosowoong. I'm going to trial this product against the Clarisonic and see which one is worth keeping / returning. But just between you and me, I hope its the Clarisonic, cause I am sick to death of everyone telling me there is "nothing better out there!"

I almost forgot to mention one of my ALL TIME favourite skin products (cannot believe this went way over my head!), the Facial Wipe! Who can live without facial wipes... seriously!

I always have a packet in my handbag or backpack, beside my bed and just everywhere I need them basically ha ha! The ones I am loving at the moment are the YES TO range, which I only found out about at work not to long ago. They are super refreshing and I just love the feel of the wipe (perfect texture) has on the face. Great way for getting off any mascara or eyeliner before a cleanse. Another great way I use face wipes is to lather my face with a moisturiser and then to slowly and gently wipe the excess makeup off. After I have done that I will go straight into a deep exfoliating scrub etc. Enquire Here for the YES TO website.

Of course we all know that we should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to maintain healthy bodily function as well as hydrate our skin and inner health. A close friend of mine suggested bottling up some lemon in water and keeping it cold in the fridge. I have heard lemon does wonders for your health, so have started doing this (the boyfie thinks I'm mad tho).
 How cool do some of these recipes look >
And the jars are so so cute. I wonder if I can make drinking water extra fun, and start doing something similar to this in our home ha ha!

Lou & Myself at Coogee Beach - Less then a month ago :(
I hope you liked my recent ramblings on skin care. I will leave you with this happy photo of a sunnier/warmer time in my life (considering the rainy day it is right now :( and how wintery things are have gotten since Autumn.) 
Does anybody have any other really cool skin care tips or tricks they want to share? Or how about products. I would love to try some of your

Love Always

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  1. I've heard others talking about bottling water with fruit in those cute jar, but I'm afraid of how sour lemon water would be and adding sugar would just defeat the object!
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