Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Just a Day in the Life...

Hello Blogger Fam!

Just read my last post and ggguh I feel a bit awkward. To the people that reached out, I really felt so much better reading your words I really Thank you for being so understanding. Anyway new days a new day so lets just bypass that last post that for now lol.
This past month has been so crazy, I feel like I haven’t even had much time to just do nothing. And you know how important I feel doing nothing is haha well  at least occasionally ... 

If you’ve been on my Instagram lately you’ve probably seen that last weekend was the Annual Rugby Club Dress up party. Each year the boys put on a great night at the club and every one get a tad crazy.  I suppose after a years worth of battling it out on the footy field a night out isn’t the worst thing aha.
This is me last year as Pochohontas. The theme was Feathers Leather and Fur!

This year the theme was Superheroes VS Villains. I went as a GI GO / black Widow type Super Hero. Ange was some sort of sucker punch character, I never watched the movie but I presume that they weren’t the classiest of heroes.

The actual G.i Go costume was going to cost me like $60 Aus dollars from Bondi's party store, and to be honest I didn’t feel like spending money on it cause all it was, was like a black lycra suit, that I knew would be too big for me.
So I went to Supre and ended up buying  $10 black tights and an $8 tight long sleeve shirt. I then went to the reject shop and found the rest of the accessories like guns and just strapped them to an old black belt I already had a home.
Above photos show how my costume eventually came together . Bit cheap and thrifty but hey sometimes that’s best.

For anyone that follows the Rugby this might be interesting to you.
My partners cousin - Tevita Kuridrani made his AUSTRALIAN Wallaby Debut at Home bush Stadium against the NZ All Blacks team.  He usually plays for the ACT Brumbies but was chosen to play for the Australian Qantas Wallabies.
-       I personally find football extremely boring ha-ha, don’t know what it is about rugby but just cant get my head into it.  But since my partner plays and most his family I find there are any times a girl just has to sit and pretend like she knows what’s going on. (This of course was one of those times)

Ladies lets not let men have all the fun, how awesome are these women’s TNS. GET TO RUBI SHOES NOW! Just wanted to show everyone these babies. Couldn't believe I found these babies in Rubi haha

So anyway just giving you guys little update on some of my recent outings.  I promise I'll keep up the posting.

P to tha S: 
One more thing guys. I need your HELPPPP!
I’m so confused about my hair at the moment, I’ve just gone a little lighter but am kind of torn on whether or not to stay dark and bar the stress of upkeep. Any tips for being blonde. OR any advice on drug store colours to try. 
I’m tempted to try the Olia range and do a little review soon, so let me know guys :)
Bathroom Selfie to pass time at the Footy! STANDARD!

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  1. The hair looks a good colour! No idea about hair dye for blonde hair I've been dark brown for years too scared to go any other colour ha!

  2. Yes lighter it is definitely ruining my hair haha. Might be sticking to a nice brunette colour next time haha