Monday, 9 September 2013

Baby Shower Fun

Hey Guys

I’ve been in Byron Bay for about a week now with mum and Belles, and last Saturday we went to my Cousin Daniel, and his fiance Maddy’s, baby shower.

I cant even begin to tell you how many baby showers I’ve been too lately, but I can tell you that I have bought enough baby stuff to probably have a baby myself haha!...... ( Hopefully soon guys, hopefully soon!)

Walking in was a delight. My auntie Carol had organised the whole shindig and in my opinion, did herself proud! The room was decorated with gorgeous, blue baby clothes pinned with tiny pegs and on the outskirts big blue balloons. The theme was obviously bright and blue for a baby boy and catered for in a very High Tea sort of fashion.
There was a beautiful little candy corner with gorgeous blue bags to fill with the lollies of your choice and best of all a beautiful fruit platter for the not so candy indulging guests.
My mum was happy, as they had also catered quite well for vegetarians with beautiful egg and lettuce sandwiches and veg quiche.

When we walked in we placed our gift on the gift table, I was very excited to see that everyone had gone for something a bit different. Mum and I had spent the day before running around looking for little gifts to put in a basket/bucket.
Mum told me that one of the best gifts she got when she was pregnant was a basket of beautiful white towels and hand washers, filled with all the best baby products e.g. creams, lotions, shampoos. So we followed suit with that, buying a nappy bucket and filling it with beautiful towels and products.
Of Course being me, I wanted to buy the baby some shoes, so off we went to Platypus Shoes to buy the cutest baby Vans I think I’d ever seen.

Baby Showers are so beautiful and such a blessed time for all involved. I truly believe that a baby is such a precious gift from God and am so overjoyed for both Maddy and Daniel in this special time. 
Maddy looked so beautiful and was glowing in her beautiful flowing gown. Can't wait to see her become a mummy :)

On another note - How expensive are cute baby shoes. I swear the tiniest pair of Adidas shoes was going to cost over $100, and the exact same adult pair only $80 ?!?!?WHY!
Anyhoo has anyone been to Industry Kids - SO gorgeous! I can't believe that make little people things so gangsta haha. 
I need some new and very functional ideas for baby gifts? Any Ideas?

Hope everyone is enjoying there week. Thinking of you all at work :( 


  1. Cute! The decorations are lovely!!
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. KElizabeth Thanks so much for reading. It really was lovely gave me so many ideas for future baby shower ! xxxx

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    1. Hello! Sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Thank you for stopping by . I am follower of your blog now too xxxxx all my love

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    1. Might pop by the website. Thanks Andrew xx

  6. holy crap. that is one gorgeous, elegant pregnant lady. i hope i look as glamorous as her when i have a baby!