Monday, 2 September 2013

Tuesday Talk Day

Hey Guys

Today is my last day in Sydney for a month as I will be travelling back home to Byron Bay to visit my mum for a while. As most of you already know my mums been going through the separation with my dad and so things have been a little rough for the family over the passed year or so.
I took some time off working and have decided to go help her pack up the house and get ready for her big move (not sure where she'll go as of yet, but keeping positive)   ALSO I am so excited to see my cousin Daniel and his fiance Maddy for their baby shower this Sat!!! - sooo excited! Some people are hating because they decided to start a family really young but to that I say,
What is life all about if its not about family. Live and Let live... Mwah!
I know most of you probably might have already figured but me and my partner are crazy about kids at the moment. We really can't wait to start our own family and are just waiting on a few more things to come into play before we start trying.
One thing that really annoys me is people hating on young mums ( no I'm not talking about the girls still at high school who still figuring out who they are,  I'm talking about young women in there 20's who are smart, educated and fabulous). But anyway people be talking no matter what so ya know!

Last weekend I went out with my girls, which was such a nice change from my usual Saturday nights at home haha
We went to Canteen Bar in Bondi and then on to Double Bay's The Sheaf! Was such a good night to just be with girlfriends and talk silly stuff, and I must say Canteen Bar was Cray Cray!! I rate 9/10
One of my old friends from Byron actually met us out and honestly so happy I got to see her and take her out in Syd - it really was a fun night to have her there.
I actually ended up letting her stay at my house in Maroubra so we didn't have to cab it elsewhere.
 So funny when Lai woke up in the morning he goes
"Jess... There's some girl in our lounge room?!"
 Hahah he  really cracks me up!
If anyone saw my instagram post on all the beauty products I took home, Im finally gon tell you where and when there from! I got them from the beauty sale on at work (I really have the best job)– was extremely lucky to be there on the day to lend a helping hand, and am also grateful I work with the best editorial coordinator in the world ! So big thank you to you, cause you know who you are girl!

Silly Faces in the Lift  :) Notice Bag is full ha
 Things I am stillllll in love with at the moment

Family Times
My beautiful Sisters and Mum in Law. Liti, Bulou,Mil and Rachel <3
These delicious home made icy poles and Slushis! Note to self - Must Buy Slushi Maker ASAP!
 And this super cute card I got Lai for his Birthday a couple of months back . I still can't believe how similiar these bears are to us haha

Love to you all

P.s If you have me on Twitter - please be aware that I suck at twittering, I'm even considering deleting it because I'm really that bad at keeping up with myself.
BUT add me on Pinterest and Instagram- those I do well!


  1. Sounds like you've had an eventful week! Hope everything turns out for the better with your mum!
    Fadeelah x

  2. !!! i'm so jealous of your job!!! all that make up makes me salivate haha