Thursday, 3 October 2013

Chit Chat

Hello my Friends

I'm finally back in Sydney after staying with mums for a little while. Feel like its been forever since I have checked in with the blog world.
First night I got back, it was really late and I was so bothered from the whole flight thing.  After 2 and a half weeks without seeing Lai I was ready to jump back in his arms for a big Fijian hug.
When I got home he did the cutest thing and I couldn't not share!!!! ->

It is Spring in Australia, the best months for my fellow Libra people. The weather is so gorgeous and beautiful, I have been walking around Centennial Park daily  just to be amongst the warmth that is spring.
This is us at Centennial Park Sydney.

Just rolling around!!
is this an awkward photo?!
Creek Jump
mm slippery
I'm a dork
Apparently the same day we were there, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's children were there being escorted round by their nanny.  I didn’t witness this first hand, but my friend who runs a boxing group in centennial told me she bumped into them, so of course I was running around looking for Shilo and Pax like a bloody idiot. Lai was less intrigued by all the celeb drama and found it more exciting to feed the ducks – go figure.

But our action packed weekend didn’t stop there. The next day (on the Sunday) we drove over to Manly to do the coastal walk down Ferry Bower to Shelly Beach. HOW INCREDIBLE IS SHELLY BEACH! I absolutely in love the Northern beaches, it is a complete change of scenery from the Eastern Suburbs and being that I was born in Manly Hospital, I am totally obsessed with the Northern side.
We got so hot walking around to the look out, that we ended up climbing down to thr rocks and dipping in the ice cold water. 

Proud Manly supporter here. So stoked that  the Manly Sea Eagles are in the Grand Final yet again haha! ( those that follow NRL and hate Manly) I'M SOOORRYY.

I know this post has been a bit all over the place but I felt like I had so much to share and so little space. 
I'm so happy to back blogging and back in Sydney and back in my own bed; How good is the feeling of your own bed - so delicious.

Anyway honkadoo hope you all had a terrific weekend!

p.s - If your having a bad day or need a good laugh watch this FUNNY VIDEO



  2. Cute couple! Looks like you had a fun day together. So sweet. :)

  3. you and your boo are just a hot hot hot couple!

  4. Nice pictures :} do you work out? May I follow? :P Here is my link ^^

  5. Beautiful pictures! Come by and check out my blog, if you like it I would love it if you followed me.

    xo Andrea