Wednesday, 16 December 2015

To Tree or not to Tree

It is Christmas season again, which for Australia means 40-degree heat, burning the soles of your feet on beachy white sand, smothering sunscreen on your shoulders, eating mangos and daylight savings types of days.  

This year the husband and I decided to buy a LIVE Christmas tree, which was a bit out of the ordinary for us considering neither of us, actually believes in “Christmas”.  Most people make a gasping noise when they hear me say that, but our belief is in the simple truth that Jesus is our king and saviour and that everyday we should be looking to him anyway.

The Mass of Christ or as many people know Christmas is a roman tradition that has trickled its way into everyone’s living rooms come December and if your not aware of the history behind Christmas or Easter I really urge anyone who’s slightly interested to go look it up (Easter may make you cringe). To briefly summarise the tradition of Christmas purely originates from pagan festivities and sun worship. Excessive drinking, feasting, decorating and mass consumerism is really against everything the bible teaches but anyway we understand that there are  ‘some’ people that connect with God on this day and for that obvious reason we keep our spirits up.

Anyway back to the tree…so my husband and I went and bought a live tree because 1. I love the smell of the pine trees 2. I’m not against a Christmas tree 3. It was something we could do together.
The Christmas tree farm was all the way out at a place called Kemps Creek, just west of Sydney’s CBD. When we pulled up we were met by a lovely man who told us to take a walk, pick a tree, negotiate a price and cut it down… Simple yeah.

I felt kinda bad walking through the farm looking at all of the trees like “mmm are you the right tree for us”. Many people had already tagged all typically “good looking trees” and left a lot of the sparse, haunted trees for us. So we ended up with a fat little pine that looked more like bush then a Christmas tree, but since neither Lai nor myself cared too much we cut it down and took it home.

Getting the tree back home was interesting, it was filled with little spiders that crawled up into balls and decided to roll out all over the car. Then setting the tree up in our apartment was another matter all together mostly for Lai because I just watched.
Steve our 8 month year old Kitten still thinks the tree is purely for his pleasure, he attacks it, climbs it, eats it – yep it’s a real awesome having a cat and a pine tree in an apartment.

One week in and the tree is STILL alive. It looks amazing (besides the fact that it has very few decorations). It smells amazing (if you like that piney type of essence, which I do) and it gives an amazing ambience feeling for the house (call me old fashioned but I really love real plants).

What are your chrissy tree decoration tips? Any advice for taking care of a live tree with a 9 month old cat. 
Anyway I hope anybody that reads this has a wonderful time with your families.

Happy Holidays YAY 


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