Enquire with Elle is a diary style blog of my personal experiences, plans & aspirations in life. 
It has also become largely about my transition from girl to woman and my attempt at looking after the husband on a daily basis.

I am wife to a beautiful Fijian man, who is extremely patient and kind. Daughter to a sporty but always attentive mother. 
Older sister to two gorgeous and talented sisters.
Animal lover (specifically to my cat Steven)
And best friend to the hilarious friends who feature regularly here.

I always do my best to speak openly about my faith and life experiences. My hope is that I can find many other women or men who relate to similar situations or feelings I go through on a daily basis.  

I love good movies, delicious food and cooking recipes, travel, photography and taking time to just do me!

I suck at homeware Diys but this is something I am working on (as you will see). 
Please feel free to help me out at any time. 

For Further Queries or if you just want to get in touch:
Contact: jessica.barton@live.com

It is significant to note that the views/ opinions expressed on this blog are only my own and not those of my associated employers, family or friends.  
If you wish to use any of my personal content, E.g. including photographs, quotes, videos or writing  -  please contact me directly before. Without my permission, it becomes a direct breach of copyright. 

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